aquamarine studs

mini flower studs, silver, aquamarine, pink tourmaline


These delicate mini flower stud earrings are hand made from sterling silver using an ancient technique called granulation. Small balls of metal are fused onto a base sheet of metal to create an intricately patterned design.

The flowers measure approx. 12mm in diameter and in the center of the blossom sits a 2mm aquamarine or pink tourmaline

Please allow a minimum of 10 days for these earrings to be made.

Price: 177.00€

tiny flower stud earrings, silver earrings, aquamarine earrings


Simple , lovely flowering earrings

Tiny silver flower stud earrings featuring 2mm round aquamarine in the center.
They are small roundish silver studs, that sit nicely on the ear lobe. Perfect for every day and any season earrings. They measure approximately 9mm in diameter.
You can choose between:
blue sapphire
red garnet

Price: 135.00€
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